Support the John G. Watson Foundation

The John G. Watson Foundation is continuously seeking to collaborate and partner with other entrepreneurial-driven organizations and individuals within the community. Cheerful young people having fun summer holidays.You can get involved in our mission of promoting entrepreneurial initiatives in the San Diego region in several ways.

Donate: As a non-profit organization, the John G. Watson Foundation is always grateful to receive additional funding to help support our goal of enhancing the entrepreneurial climate within San Diego. Donations do not go toward overhead costs, but instead are used primarily for supporting any of our established entrepreneurial initiatives, such as the events, business competitions, and scholarships.

Sponsor: Sponsorship of one or more of our initiatives is a good way to support our mission while simultaneously receiving marketing and increased visibility among many local business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Volunteer: The John G. Watson Foundation welcomes the assistance of all individuals and groups within the community. If you would like to contribute to the Foundation through different means, such as volunteering or fundraising, please reach out to us.

If you are interested in supporting us in any of the above outlined methods, please send us a message via our Contact Us page.